Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Taking care of our health and wellbeing can have a huge impact on how we experience life. According to research one in four of us will experience some mental health issues during our life.

When we feel well, we are in a better position to cope with whatever life throws at us. On the one hand, accepting and finding ways to deal with those things that challenge us. On the other hand, opening ourselves up to enjoy the opportunities that arise. If we feel stressed, anxious or low in mood, it can have a significant impact on how we see and experience day to day life. We can feel our life is coloured – positively and negatively – by our underlying sense of wellbeing.

Sustained periods of stress, anxiety and depression can also impact our physical health, contributing to ongoing minor health complaints right through to long-term chronic health conditions.

How do we address the symptoms?

Every individual is different, so there is no “one size fits all” approach. What we should try to do, is to consider what might affect our sense of wellbeing. To do this it’s helpful to identify the triggers. Once we start to see the patterns we can begin to reduce the impact they have on our lives. We can assess situations more clearly and look at our response to those situations. Over time we might be able to reduce their impact or we may decide to remove ourselves from a particular situation.

Whatever we do it’s important to take time to consider the best course of action. In practice we don’t always make the best decisions when we feel don’t feel 100%. Create time to consider all of the options and potential outcomes. Ensuring you’re in the right space will help you to think more clearly about the right outcome for you.

How does yoga help?

Simple yoga practices can be used to balance the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety levels, lifting low mood and encouraging time for self reflection. Yoga practices tailored to your health will help to bring the body and mind into balance. These include physical postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), guided deep relaxation and techniques from the mindfulness tradition.

Our Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Depression Course is for completely new students of yoga, allowing you to learn simple yoga practices to help manage stress, anxiety and depression in every day life. Experienced students are also welcome. The course is open to men and women.

Taught over six weeks, you will be encouraged to observe the activity of the mind as a way of bringing greater awareness and clarity to your thoughts. Classes include yoga postures, breath awareness, deep relaxation and short mindful awareness practices. Practices are simple and accessible to all, allowing students of all abilities to try a range of different yoga techniques. Each class lasts an hour and fifteen minutes.

The course is taught by Claire Thomas. Claire has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has a particular interest in the field of yoga for mental health. Having experienced stress, anxiety and depression at various stages in her life Claire is passionate about helping others learn ways of making life more manageable and joyful through yoga.

Our next course is scheduled to start on Tuesday 6th November 2018, and will run from 7:35-9:00pm for six weeks. To book a space please go to our registration page to join our yoga family. BOOK NOW

What next? At the end of this course students are encouraged to join either the Yoga Basics Course or a Beginners Level class. Don’t feel ready? You’re welcome to attend the course again if you would like to.