Yoga Mama’s

At PadmaYoga we love our Yoga Mamas, and their babies. We have classes that support you during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Women join our Pregnancy Yoga classes from 14 weeks pregnant and most stay right up until baby is born. We love the sense of community this creates, sharing hints and tips on how to navigate pregnancy and birth, seeing how one another’s bumps take shape and grow, and the delight when a new baby enters the world. It’s truly wonderful time to be a part of, and there is this sense that we’re all on a journey together.

Once baby is born we welcome our Yoga Mamas back to Postnatal Yoga classes for mum and baby. Designed to give new (and experienced) mums a chance to recover from pregnancy and birth, and spend some dedicated time with their baby each week. The classes include lots of practical tips on taking care of yourself and also creating a relaxed environment for your baby to learn and grow. It’s great to see the way each baby develops, and to share experiences. Who better to talk to when you’ve had a sleepless night that another mum who can totally relate to how you feel.

We currently run two classes each week. Have a look at our Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga pages for more information.

Just fancy a catch up? We usually meet one morning a month for coffee and a catch up at a local café. If you’d like to come along subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you the date, time and location each month.