At Padma Yoga we run a regular schedule of workshops through the year. Each workshop can be attended on a stand alone basis, with some workshops linking together to cover a wider subject area. Our workshops usually run from a few hours up to a full day.

Before booking your workshop please ensure that you have completed our online registration process. If you haven’t used our online booking before, you will need to select Padma Yoga Studio in the software to complete this process. Having a problem? Please give us a ring on 07443 602108. We’re happy to help.

Yin Yoga & Sound Journey Saturday 25th November

In this afternoon workshop, taught by Kanti Freeman, you will be guided through a nourishing and reflective Yin Yoga practice and Sound Bath. Yin is a passive practice which uses familiar yoga poses with the intention of stimulating the flow of chi/prana through the meridians/nadis. It blends the best of yoga with Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Buddhist mindfulness practices. Mostly floor based and very slow, it is accessible to all. You are invited into each posture and may remain there from 2-5 minutes. This encourages a natural ‘turning inwards’ as you focus on your breath, the sensations in your body and whatever arises in the mind.

This hour long practice will be followed by a deeply relaxing Sound Bath for which the Yin practice will have prepared you for beautifully. The energy channels (nadis) and the whole of your body will be optimally prepared for the resonant sound vibrations, meaning you will absorb those on a deeper level. You ought to leave this session feeling amazing…stretched, open, relaxed & clear.

13:00-15:00 £25 —> BOOK NOW
13/8/17 Limited availability. Once fully booked please join our online waiting list to be offered a cancellation.

Candlelit Yoga for the Full Moon Friday 1st December

In yoga the moon represents the feminine energy within us, it’s qualities are said to be fluid, creative, calming and reflective. It influences the water element of nature, affecting tidal levels, the growth of plants and our own internal cycles. The more we become attuned to the cycle of the moon, the greater our understanding of the way we experience these changes. At the full moon there is a heightened sense of creativity, energy and activity.

Wrapped up in the warmth of the studio and starting late, we will enjoy an evening of candlelit yoga. Our practice will be inspired by these qualities. Centred around Chandra Namaskar. The evening will be flowing and mindful in nature and will include asana, mantra, meditation and guided relaxation. Filled with candles and toasty warm this will be a wonderful way to create a sense of peace and restore energy levels in the lead up to Christmas.

19:00-21:00 £18 —> BOOK NOW
13/8/17 – Limited availability. Once fully booked please join our online waiting list to be offered a cancellation.

Women’s Moon Circle – Saturday 2nd December

Moon circles are an ancient way of gathering women so that individually and collectively we can feel safe, heard, seen, loved and received for exactly the women we are and for the woman we may want to be. It’s the perfect place to come to create connection with yourself and with others in our warm, inviting and sacred sisterhood.

Our circles are led by Sharlene Belusevic, who has spent the last fifteen years learning, transforming, growing and training in the field of holistic personal development. Sharlene loves creating opportunities for women to experience feminine empowerment, allowing women to blossom and grow in their own right.

Each of our monthly circles has a theme. In December the theme is Lakshmi:

Money is one of the most powerful mirrors in our lives and can bring up all of our stuff. It is an energy we choose to work with or avoid. The truth is, you deserve to thrive financially and it’s time for you to be divinely compensated for your soul gifts. 

Lakshmi teaches us to receive, to be shiny and bright, to be generous and to know what prosperity really means. In our circle we will access her magic and create subtle shifts in our vibration that make us more attractive, receptive and open.

14:00-15:30 £12 —> BOOK NOW
Please arrive up to half an hour before we begin to enjoy a cuppa and a have a chat.

Relax & Unwind – Saturday 9th December

In the final weeks before Christmas, join us for a few hours to unwind body and mind. As we finish off our last minute preparations, it can be great to take a break and indulge in a little me time! Organised at the end of the day, to allow for a last minute dash for the shops, we will focus on releasing physical and mental tension. You’ll be encouraged to breathe deeply to really connect with your body and bring you gently back down to earth and in to the present moment.

Taught by Claire Thomas, the class will include asana practice, calming pranayama and a super long Yoga Nidra. Suitable for all, this will be the perfect way to unwind in the lead up to Christmas.

15:00-17:00 £16 —> BOOK NOW

Christmas Reviver – Wednesday 27th December

A special workshop between Christmas and the New Year. Our annual Christmas Reviver is like a breath of fresh air for body and mind. We’ll focus on lifting energy levels and encouraging sluggish digestive systems after all the indulgence of the previous few days.

A much loved and very enjoyable way to revitalise after a busy few months, this workshop will encourage you to approach the New Year with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. There will be asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation and will be suitable for all. Taught by Claire Thomas, the chanting may even be accompanied by the harmonium Claire is learning to play at the moment!

14:00-16:30 £20 —> BOOK NOW

Tools for Inner Peace – Saturday 27th January in Hebden Bridge

When the mind is silent and peaceful it becomes very powerful. However, this inner silence can never arise when there is a continual stream of thoughts and emotions.  Pulled this way and that, the state of inner peace we strive for, may be replaced by the feeling of being carried along by the tide.

Yoga encourages us to explore our true potential, by tapping in to the innate wisdom within us and allowing us to connect with the feelings of joy, so often masked by the overwhelming commitments of our daily lives.

A practical day, taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition, we will explore a range of tools from the yogic tradition. The day will include yoga postures (asana), breath practices (pranayama), hand gestures (mudra), chanting (mantra), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation.

The day will focus on bringing steadiness to body and mind, creating space for us to connect with the quality of inner peace within. You will be encouraged to take one (or more!) of the practices home as a daily practice, if you wish. Suitable for new and experienced students alike, the day will be taught by Claire Thomas.

This workshop will be held at the Calderdale Yoga Centre in Hebden Bridge, West Yorks.
Please bring a packed lunch, alternatively there are a number of local cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the yoga centre. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits available during the day.

10:00-16:00 £35 —> BOOK NOW
Payment can also by made by cash at the studio or by posting a cheque made payable to Claire Thomas.