At Padma Yoga we run a regular schedule of workshops through the year. Each workshop can be attended on a stand alone basis, with some workshops linking together to cover a wider subject area. Our workshops usually run from a few hours up to a full day.

Before booking your workshop please ensure that you have completed our online registration process. If you haven’t used our online booking before, you will need to select Padma Yoga Studio in the software to complete this process. Having a problem? Please give us a ring on 07443 602108. We’re happy to help.

Yin Yoga for Summer – Saturday 14th July

In Chinese Medicine, the Summer season is associated with the Heart. Healthy Heart Chi promotes feelings of love, joy, compassion, connection, inner peace and harmony. In this morning session, designed specifically to work with the energy of Summer, you will be gently guided through a sequence that will maximise chi (energy) flow through the lung and heart meridians, into the organs themselves.

Taught by Kanti Freeman, Yin Yoga is a static, floor based practice, that blends traditional yoga poses, Chinese Medicine and Buddhist meditation/mindfulness practice. This morning will be suitable for all, even complete beginners with no experience of Yin Yoga. Join us to discover the deep stillness that arises in Yin Yoga and leave feeling completely nourished.

Kanti has been teaching yoga for thirteen years. She completed her Yin Yoga training with Sarah Lo, who has worked closely with internationally recognised author and yoga teacher, Sarah Powers. In 2017, Kanti attended a six day Yin Yoga & Silent Retreat with Sarah Powers, deepening her experience of Yin Yoga. Kanti has also assisted Sarah Lo with her Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

11:00-13:00 £20 —> BOOK NOW
12/6/18 Limited availability. If the workshop is fully booked please add yourself to the waiting list in Mindbody and you will be notified if a space becomes available.

Women’s Moon Circle – Sunday 29th July

Moon circles are an ancient way of gathering women so that individually and collectively we can feel safe, heard, seen, loved and received for exactly the women we are and for the woman we may want to be. It’s the perfect place to come to create connection with yourself and with others in our warm, inviting and sacred sisterhood.

Our circles are led by Sharlene Belusevic, who has spent the last fifteen years learning, transforming, growing and training in the field of holistic personal development. Sharlene loves creating opportunities for women to experience feminine empowerment, allowing women to blossom and grow in their own right.

Each of our monthly circles has a theme. The theme for our July circle is Finding Expression with the Wild Woman. Be Wild & Free.

As we enter the summer season, we appreciate nature in her fullest expression of unabashed bliss and passion. Learn how to get in touch with your deepest inner knowing, so you can follow your intuition and expression without doubting, second guessing or worrying what other people think.

In this circle you will reassert your relationship with your wildish nature. Rediscover your connection to your deepest, untamed instincts as you unleash your wild woman within and become more potent, instinctive and passionate in all areas of your life and expression. Allow true nature to become your greatest ally. Rediscover connection to your deepest instincts. Untamed.

Our circle starts at 7pm and lasts around 1.5-2hrs – £12 —> BOOK NOW
Please arrive up to half an hour before we begin to enjoy a cuppa and a have a chat.

A Morning of Yoga & Contemplation – Saturday 8th September

In ancient times, our ancestors looked to the wisdom of the natural world to guide us through life. The changing rhythms of the Earth were celebrated and honoured, knowing that each change in season, each change in the balance of light and dark, creates a new opportunity to connect and cultivate our inner wisdom, our inner knowing.

Autumn reminds us of the impermanence of everything. We have experienced the budding of life in Spring and the flowerings and profusions of Summer. In Autumn, the falling leaves remind us of the fleeting nature of all things. When we contemplate Autumn’s changes, we grow more appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us and this gratitude fosters great joy within us.

In this morning workshop with Claire Thomas and Iza Moon, you will be encouraged to flow with the cycle of life, death and the rebirth. Learning to let go of what no longer serves you, so that we can make way for the new. This gathering will help us to remember the power, peace and wisdom that can be gained from our connection with nature, guiding us to a more balanced and harmonious way of living.

The morning will be held at Willow Tree Fen Nature Reserve – a few miles from the centre of Spalding – and will include yoga asana, pranayama, mantra & meditation along with a Shamanic Fire Ceremony and will end with a shared brunch. The Fire Ceremony will be a powerful opportunity for this release, and for the dreams of the manifestations to come.

So, let us come together, held in the arms of Mother Nature, and remember our divine connection to the grace, power and beauty of all her kingdoms, and most importantly to ourselves and to one another.

08:30-12:00 £30 —> BOOK NOW
Please bring your yoga mat, a cushion or blanket for sitting and a vegetarian dish to share for our brunch. If the weather is warm it may be a good idea to wear light, loose clothing, wear sunscreen and bring a cool drink. If the weather is un-friendly we will run the workshop at the studio in Spalding. 

Living Yoga – Finding Balance – Saturday 22nd September in Hebden Bridge

In yoga we are encouraged to cultivate the quality of the witness or drashta. When we first attend a class, this may be the simple observation of physical sensations or the rhythm of our breathing. In time, we are encouraged to delve a little deeper, observing the ebb and flow of our thoughts, noticing our actions and reactions. We may begin to understand that life offers us an endless opportunity for self -inquiry.

Little by little we move from ‘doing yoga’ to ‘living yoga’. By living our yoga practice, we are encouraged to tune in to ourselves, connecting with the innate wisdom that sits deep within us. We learn to trust in our inner voice and can begin to experience life in all its glory. Letting go of habitual patterns of thinking and doing, we open ourselves up to finding a more balanced life.

A practical day, taught in the Satyananda Yoga tradition, we will explore a range of practices from the yogic tradition. The day will include yoga postures (asana), breath practices (pranayama), hand gestures (mudra), chanting (mantra), deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation.

Taught by Claire Thomas, the day will focus on cultivating our ability to observe and experience, learning to trust our instincts and respond with awareness. Suitable for new and experienced students alike.

This workshop will be held at the Calderdale Yoga Centre in Hebden Bridge, West Yorks.
Please bring a packed lunch, alternatively there are a number of local cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the yoga centre. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits available during the day.

10:00-16:00 £35 —> BOOK NOW
Payment can also by made by cash at the studio or by posting a cheque made payable to Claire Thomas.

Yoga Flows for Body, Breath & Just Being – Saturday 6th October

‘Yoga Flow’ or ‘Flow Yoga’ is generally associated with a flow of movement, from one yoga posture to another. This full day workshop with Chris Noon, will certainly include flows of movement, pausing at times… to be and to breathe. However, the main aim of the day, will be to create a flow of awareness through our practice.

In the posture work we will look at sequences, where one asana (posture) can move into another, and then another. We will practice in a way that enables the breath to flow, without strain or struggle, in whichever technique we are using. When the breath flows in pranayama, it truly becomes an energy practice. The time when the benefit of pranayama for body & mind becomes apparent! In meditation, we aim to create an unbroken flow of concentration. This takes time and a whole lot of practice. Preparing the ground for meditation will be integral to the day.

We’re delighted to be welcoming Chris back to the studio this Autumn. Chris runs the Sheffield Yoga School with his partner Hannah Penn. He is a much loved and highly respected teacher, who makes the ancient teachings of yoga practical and accessible for modern life.

Suitable for students with a little or a lot of practice, the day will include yoga asana, pranayama and guided meditation . The day will focus on creating a balanced practice to cultivate a sense of harmony within us. As we learn to let go, we become stronger and more resilient. Over time we begin to appreciate more fully the wonder and the flow of life – this is Yoga.

10:00-16:00 £40 —> BOOK NOW
Please bring a packed lunch, alternatively there are a number of local cafes and sandwich shops within a few minutes walk of the studio. There will be tea, coffee and biscuits.

Candlelit Yoga for the Full Moon – Friday 23rd November

In yoga the moon represents the feminine energy within us, it’s qualities are said to be fluid, creative, calming and reflective. It influences the water element of nature, affecting tidal levels, the growth of plants and our own internal cycles. The more we become attuned to the cycle of the moon, the greater our understanding of the way we experience these changes. At the full moon there is a heightened sense of creativity, energy and activity. 

Wrapped up in the warmth of the studio and starting late, we will enjoy an evening of candlelit yoga with light of the full moon shining brightly in the dark night sky. Our practice will be inspired by these qualities. Centred around Chandra Namaskar. The evening will be flowing and mindful in nature and will include asana, mantra, meditation and guided relaxation. Filled with candles and toasty warm this will be a wonderful way to create a sense of peace and restore energy levels in the last weeks of Autumn.

19:00-21:00 £20 —> BOOK NOW