Our Teachers

At Padma Yoga our classes are taught by fully qualified yoga teachers. Our teachers have a range of experience and different areas of interest that enable us to bring you a variety of different classes and workshops each year. Take a look below to meet our team of regular and visiting teachers.



Despite being curious about yoga as a teenager, it wasn’t until Claire had a sports related injury in the 2000 that she really gave yoga any serious thought. What started as a way of alleviating pain became a way of life, and in 2005 Claire completed her first Teacher Training Diploma with the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre in Northern Ireland. Claire founded Padma Yoga in the same year, teaching with Marie Quail in Northern Ireland before returning to England in 2007.

Since 2005 Claire has completed further courses in Pranayama with Phil Xerri. Yoga Nidra and Mental Health modules with Satyananda Yoga, along with completing BWY and Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training. Claire teaches in the Satyananda  tradition and is a Birthlight Perinatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher. Claire is also an assessor on Satyananda Yoga Nidra courses in the UK. Claire was given the spiritual name Kripa Devi by Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati during her visit to the UK in 2009.

Claire’s passion is the connection of body and mind. The power of simple yoga practices to harness the mind encouraging us to look within, engaging with our inner guiding light and through this achieving our true potential. Like many of the Satyananda trained teachers, Claire’s teaching style is light, yet down to earth, encouraging students to experience their practice deeply, with a focus on making yoga accessible to all.


Regina discovered a love of yoga, in her home town in Brazil, in 1984. After many hours of practice she completed her first teacher training in Integral Yoga in Rio de Janeiro in 2003, certified by the National Association of Integra Yoga/ANYI. In the years since, she has completed further studies in Yoga Therapy with ANYI-RJ (2004) and completed Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training in the UK in 2010. She is a meditation facilitator with the Bodisatva Buddhist Studies Centre in Brazil and the UK, a trained Integrative Massage Therapist and in 2013 trained in Thai Yoga Massage.

Before moving to the UK with her husband, also a yoga teacher, Regina ran her own successful yoga studio, DharmaYoga, in Recife in Brazil where she continues to teach during her trips to Brazil. Regina teaches Integral Yoga, Sun Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Children’s/Family Yoga. Along side her passion for yoga, Regina is also a professional journalist.


Jenny’s fascination with yoga began as a teenager. She bought her first yoga book at 15 years old, before starting classes at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in London around 30 years ago! Since then, she has tried various styles of yoga before deciding to train as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2013.

Teaching since 2014, Jenny completed her BWY Teacher Training in 2016 and has since undertaken Restorative Yoga Training at TriYoga in London. Passionate about yoga, yoga philosophy and sound, Jenny likes to teach inclusive classes and is keen to pass on her interest in yoga as a tool for self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-realisation. Along with teaching yoga, Jenny is also a qualified Shiatsu Therapist.




Keira is our very special hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga teacher. As a new mum to a beautiful little girl, Keira was first introduced to the techniques of Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing during her own pregnancy. When asked why she wanted to teach, she’ll tell you her birth was such a profound and incredible experience that she wanted to share what she’d learned with other parents, helping and supporting their journey to parenthood with the same love and kindness she experienced during her own journey.

With this in mind Keira completed her hynobirthing training with Sophie Fletcher of Mindful Mamma and started teaching in 2016. Since then, Keira has also qualified as a pregnancy and postnatal doula and more recently completed the first start of her Yoga for Maternity training with Birthlight.


Sharlene has joined our team to lead the amazing Women’s Moon Circles at the studio. An all round lovely person, Sharlene has spent the last fifteen years on a personal journey to transform and grow in her own life, in order to create space for other women to experience their own divine feminine energy.

A qualified Macrobiotic Cook & Counsellor, an Integrative & Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, a spiritually based Transformative Life Coach and Sacred Feminine Circle Facilitator, Sharlene loves creating opportunities for women to experience feminine empowerment, encouraging them to blossom and grow, confident in their own body, mind and soul as a woman.

Devoted to a life of contribution and service to women, Sharlene’s passions include teaching women how food, in all it’s forms – especially vegan and macrobiotic food, sisterhood and transformative communication – can be used as a gateway to the divine, as a means of aligning with our true nature.


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Ann qualified as a yoga teacher in 1997 after a teacher training programme at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales under the guidance of Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati who gave her the spiritual name of Vishva Sara. Ann teaches in the Satyananda tradition.

Ann trained originally as a Language Teacher then as a Massage Therapist while her children were young. She is qualified in Swedish (Remedial) Massage and Thai Yoga Massage and is also a Buteyko Teacher (breath re-training). Ann has worked as a therapist for 20 years and combines this knowledge with yoga to improve the quality of life of her clients, in both body and mind.  She has a special interest in Ayurveda and yoga as a therapy. In addition to teaching day workshops and yoga classes at Padma Yoga, Ann also practices as a massage therapist, dealing with sports injuries, repetitive strain and other health issues.


As a born seeker and gyana yogi, the yoga Nick teaches has a very meditative and reflective approach. His teaching has been fundamentally inspired by his time at Mandala Yoga Ashram under the direction of Swami Nishchalananda and through his contact with other inspiring teachers, often connected to the Satyananda tradition.

As time has passed, Nick has found the use of sound and his experience of the natural world also plays a big part in what he hopes to share with others. Sound can be especially effective addition to our practice – deepening our experience and opening us up to the possibility of perceiving previously hidden aspects of our being.

Nick completed his teacher training during his time at the Mandala Yoga Ashram. After a period in Somerset, Nick has recently returned to the Ashram in Wales. Nick’s passion is wildlife photography, producing beautiful photographic cards.

Rebecca Allen


Rebecca Allen originally trained and qualified as a lawyer, working as an intellectual property lawyer in London before qualifying as a yoga teacher.

She was first introduced to meditation by learning transcendental meditation in 1982, whilst still at school, to help with insomnia and studying for A level exams. She has been practicing yoga for 23 years.

Rebecca completed her Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda) teacher training with Swami Vedantananda in 2000. She is a full time yoga teacher and assessor of trainee teachers and contributes to teacher training programmes in the UK and Portugal.  She now lives in Sheffield teaching classes and workshops, including antenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga for ME and for people living with cancer.


Swami Satyaprakash trained as a school teacher and youth worker in the 1960’s. She worked extensively with adult groups in industry and Adult Education, Youth & Community work, and as a freelance trainer and group work facilitator, before moving in to the field of organisation development consultancy and training in the 1980’s.

In 1979 she trained with the BWY before discovering the system of yoga taught by Swami Satyananda. Completing her training with the Bihar School of Yoga in 1986, Swami Satyaprakash founded the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Birmingham in the same year.

Swami Satyaprakash is a very highly regarded teacher. Along with teaching in the fields of HIV/Aids, alcohol rehabilitation, young offenders and brain injury treatment. She has, since the 1980’s, designed and continues to deliver Yoga Teacher Training and a variety of CPD modules for yoga teachers in the UK, Europe and India.



Amarajyoti has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 27 years. She trained originally with FRYOG and then with the Bihar School of Yoga in India and in Ireland. During this time she has lived in the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, in India and in the West of Ireland. She now lives and teaches in Nottingham.

Amarajyoti specialises in Yoga for Mental Health, having had her own mental health issues. She teaches weekly classes along with having taught in universities, prisons and psychiatric units.

She has worked with Swami Pragyamurti on her last two teacher training courses and delivers the Yoga Nidra and Yoga for Mental Health Modules for qualified teachers. She has recently qualified to teach Therapeutic Mindfulness and incorporates this in to her teaching.

Linda Doe v2 - CopyLINDA DOE – TEACHER

Linda has been practising yoga for 30 years, initially to cope with the discomfort of her scoliosis and to help manage anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalance. In 2012, following a near death experience she decided “if not now, then when?” and trained as a yoga teacher.

She enjoys teaching a “gentler, kinder and softer style of yoga” – a description given by one of her students, and one she loves. Her passion is to inspire individuals to find their own way to experience and enjoy yoga. Creating an environment where students can find the space to explore and be curious, and working individually with those who wish to find a safe space for healing and transformation.

A trained Psychologist, Linda chooses to work with challenge and compassion, hand in hand. Her experience of meditation, healing and yoga have been woven into her psychology practice over time – and in turn, her experience with the challenges that life can bring informs her yoga teaching.



Kanti first discovered yoga over 15 years ago when her GP recommended she attend a yoga class to help alleviate anxiety and depression. Weekly classes and regular Reiki treatments allowed her to stop the medication she was on. She firmly believes that Yoga and Reiki empowered her to change the way she dealt with the issues in her life.

Inspired to share what she had learned along the way, Kanti completed Yoga Teacher Training with Inner Healing School of Yoga. Whilst on her teacher training course, during a group OM meditation, Kanti experienced the true power of sound. Feeling an immense movement of energy in her body, she knew she needed to explore this. Now a Reiki Master Practitioner, Sound Healing Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Kanti combines the three to create harmony, balance and empowerment in people’s lives. Creating a safe and sacred space to support her students to find their own innate healing power.



Helena discovered the joys of yoga during her first pregnancy in 1998. After a trip to India to experience ashram life, she trained with Yoga Alliance, before going on to complete Satyananda Teacher Training and more recently the SYUK Yoga for Mental Health Module. She has been teaching yoga full time for the past 9 years. In her spare time Helena paints Mandalas and Yantras, exhibiting in and around the Sheffield area, along with leading workshops. She also loves chanting and kirtan, to connect and open up the heart space.

When asked why she teachers… Helena said ‘Yoga has so much to offer and has been a great support for me over the years, helping me through the ups and downs of life, giving new depth and meaning to my life. I have discovered I can do much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I believe yoga is a vehicle for transformation, self-discovery, and self–improvement, opening us up to our full potential…and I believe that yoga offers something for everybody…’


Chris has been practising yoga since the early 1990’s. He initially trained to teach with the British Wheel of Yoga, before training with Swami Vedantananda in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. Chris has gained a wealth of experience over the last twenty years, having taught in a wide range of different settings, including schools, with the NHS and with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club first team. His teaching style is practical and down to earth, encouraging his students to enhance their lives through yoga. He continues to develop his teaching through ongoing study.

Chris and his partner, Hannah Penn, set up Sheffield Yoga School in 2003. Alongside their weekly teaching they offer a highly regarded programme of yoga days, courses and weekends with some of the best teachers in the UK & Europe.


A native Australian, Gregg, also known as The Didgeridoo Man, started his career in youth work, mental health and training, in the charitable and public sectors. He has been playing the didgeridoo since 2007. He found that the didge, improved his health and gave him an insight into why it holds such importance for the culture and spirituality of the native Aboriginals of Australia.

Interested in alternative therapies from a very young age, Gregg believes we all have the ability to live a fulfilling life through becoming aware of our thoughts, words and actions. A qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Reiki Master, Gregg also trains students and teachers, in schools, universities and colleges, the art of meditation and stress management.

Gregg discovered the healing power of the didgeridoo 2009, when a friend asked him to play on her shoulder that had been giving her long term pain. Within a few days she could raise her arm above her shoulder for the first time in months. Gregg’s teaching and therapy has developed since then, with the didgeridoo becoming an important part of Gregg’s life. Gregg loves to share the therapeutic and healing benefits of the didgeridoo. If you haven’t tried it yet… come and get didged!!!


Mark had his first taste of yoga back in 2003 whist travelling in Byron Bay, Australia. When he returned to the UK he began regular classes. Two classes a week and three years later the joy and benefits of a yoga practice were interwoven in to his life and he became interested in sharing this through teaching.

Trainee IYENGAR teachers require 3 years minimum practice and a recommendation from their teacher. In 2012 Mark passed the Introductory Level 2 Teaching Certificate. In March 2017 he passed the next stage of his training and now holds an Intermediate Junior Level 1 Teaching Certificate.

Mark is a warm and engaging teacher who loves to share his enthusiasm for yoga with his students to help them achieve their highest potential for wellbeing through their own practice.


From her late teens, Iza’s personal healing journey led her down a path of spiritual awakening. Enthused with the new world that was opening up, Iza’s studies soon led her to working with energy and the mind, body, spirit connection. Hand in hand with her love for Nature, she was intuitively drawn to the ancient Shamanic traditions. Working with the spirit and energy of animals, plants and the kingdoms of Mother Earth, felt like ‘coming home’. During her subsequent Shamanic training, Iza worked closely with the transformational healing energy of Fire and became an initiated Ceremonial Fire Keeper.

This intense relationship with fire, also re-ignited Iza’s passion for creativity. She began writing poetry and stories about her deep connection with nature and spirit, and for the first time in her life, she began to sing! Iza soon discovered that sharing ancient knowledge, wisdom and spiritual experience through her creative combination of inspirational songs, words, journeying and meditation was extremely powerful. It seemed to bypass the mind and go straight to the heart, bringing light, love, guidance and inspiration to those in her company. Iza has been leading ceremonies, workshops and offering performances for the last 7 years. Iza is wholeheartedly committed to walking the path of life with conscious awareness and love, and shines a light for others to do the same.

Yvette Hols trimmed v2YVETTE MAYO – YOGA TEACHER

A long time student of Padma Yoga, Yvette has been practising yoga for over 15 years in Lincolnshire and her home town of Eastbourne. During this time Yvette’s interest in yoga has deepened and in 2009 she decided to train as a Yoga Teacher, completing her Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2012. In 2016 she completed the Pranayama Foundation course with Phil Xerri, deepening her understanding and interest in the breath practices of the yoga tradition.

Initially trained as a holistic therapist, Yvette found she had a fascination with feet and she decided to pursue a career in Podiatry. Yvette worked for the NHS for nearly 20 years, along side treating patients privately. Yvette runs a private practice locally with her passion for feet, anatomy & physiology spilling over in to her teaching. Yvette teaches Hatha Yoga.