Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby

A natural progression from our Yoga for Pregnancy class. New mums can attend Postnatal Yoga at Padma Yoga from one to two weeks after birth (or after your first health check for C-section). Postnatal Yoga promotes optimum health for mum using movement, balance and relaxation to allow a mother’s body to recover from childbirth. The practices are safe for natural and C-section births right from the first weeks of motherhood, allowing you to enjoy this time to nurture yourself and deepen the bond with your baby.

Following the Birthlight philosophy, our Postnatal Yoga for Mum & Baby classes encourage you to deepen the unconditional love for your baby, develop strategies for self-nurture, and allow your role as a mother to unfold naturally without judgement. Birthlight Postnatal Yoga includes your baby, not just verbally but with body based practices adapted from classic yoga principles and practices.

There are many benefits of the Birthlight approach, not least that it is gentle, using the breath and simple practices to centre and stabilise body and mind. At a time when you are experiencing a period of intense change it can be extraordinarily empowering to begin to reclaim your body as you own, to bring movement and tone, and to enjoy small periods of rest and relaxation. We share practices that you can do at home on your own, whilst bottle or breastfeeding and with your baby. We will encourage you to take home a practice each week. There is also time to share your experiences of birth and motherhood with the group.

Postnatal classes are by nature very relaxed and flexible, you’re welcome to feed, change and care for your baby as and when you need to. We understand that babies have their own little clock that takes no account of your schedule so the studio is open 15 minutes before class. You’re welcome to arrive early so that you have time to settle yourselves and have a chat with the other mums.

Classes last an hour and a quarter and are taught as a six week course. In 2018 courses will run on a Tuesday from 12:00-1:15pm with the following start dates: 13th February, 10th April, 5th June, 18th September and 6th November.

We encourage you to start early while your baby is just a few weeks old, as we find you’ll both get most from the classes at this time. If you’ve missed a start date, please get in touch. We may be able to offer you a space for the remainder of the current course.

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Want to know more about Postnatal Yoga? This is what our Mamas said about attending our classes…

“I would highly recommend the Postnatal Yoga. It is a great way to meet other new mums, engages muscles you forgot you had and an amazing bonding session with your baby. It is very relaxed and doesn’t matter if your baby screams the whole session!”  – Mrs A & baby G

“Thank you Claire for a wonderful experience from me and D. I will see you for adult yoga – maybe then I’ll get to do the bit at the end 🙂 ” – Mrs I & baby D

“Brilliant experience – a little slice of relaxation and joy at a time when everything goes at 100mph.” – Mrs N & baby F

“Postnatal yoga was good for stretching out those muscles after carrying a baby for so long! Really good to meet other mums, have made some life long friends I hope!” – Mrs B & baby E

“The classes give you the opportunity to focus on your own health and wellbeing with the added bonus of being able to bring baby along too.” Mrs T & baby O

“Claire is fantastic as what she does. Padma Yoga is brilliantly equipped, friendly and welcoming. Me and my little boy thoroughly enjoyed postnatal yoga. I would recommend it to ALL new mums.” – Ms P & baby T

“Thank you for running this wonderful class, keep up the good work!” – Mrs L & baby D

“I really love coming to Claire’s classes. It was a space I could relax with my daughter and tune into my own body’s needs and recharge. Claire makes you feel so welcome and accommodates each individual and baby. I have been able to learn positions and ways to relax which have become a part of my daily routine. I’m very grateful to Claire and look forward to future sessions.” – Mrs W & baby M

“A wonderful, relaxing experience to share with other new mums and reassuring to know about ‘normal’ issues with baby and post birth.” Mrs H & baby N

“Fantastic friendly environment for new mums… welcoming, warm and fun!” Ms H & baby W

“Antenatal and postnatal yoga have prepared my brilliantly for birth and motherhood. I’m less stressed and have met some lovely friends – thank you!” Mrs M & baby D

“Can’t say enough good things about postnatal yoga. If you never go to another baby class, go to this. The studio is light and airy, the atmosphere is relaxed and non-judgemental, Claire is very lovely and very welcoming. In a world where it seems there’s a view on parenting at every turn, the chance to remember what an awesome job you are doing is a breath of fresh air. And if that’s not enough, you might even rediscover your AWOL pelvic floor… x” Mrs A & baby B

“Lovely friendly classes. My baby and I were made to feel welcome and at ease. I would recommend both pregnancy and postnatal yoga to all mums to be.”

“Postnatal yoga was just what I needed whilst first adjusting to motherhood. The support was excellent and I enjoyed the quality time spent with my baby, while doing something for me too.” Mrs S & baby J

“A brilliant worthwhile class in a friendly welcoming studio, made all the more enjoyable by a lovely teacher. Thank you Claire!”

“Wonderful aid to starting motherhood. Thanks Claire x” Mrs T & baby E

“Prenatal yoga gave me time to bond with baby before her arrival. It also taught me to control my breath which was very useful during labour. Postnatal yoga enhanced this bond and gave me the confidence to get out in those initial weeks. Thank you x” Mrs O & baby C

“Worth doing as soon as you are mobile. Gentle and safe practices to bond with baby and get out of the house. Non-judged, no make-up, breastfed, bottlefed, cloth nappy or disposables, all accepted and welcomed.” Ms N & baby Z

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