Yoga can ease symptoms of the menopause

New research from the University of Washington has examined a range of non-drug studies, including herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, yoga, exercise and relaxation. Researchers founds that relaxation therapies and yoga showed the most promise. ‘Selected mind-body therapies may provide useful … Continue reading »

Improved focus after 20 mins of yoga…

If you lead a busy life, you’ll be interested to hear that recent research at the University of Illinois has concluded that you will get more benefit from a 20 minute yoga session than you will from the same amount … Continue reading »

Padma Yoga enters the WWW.

After nearly eight years of teaching yoga, many different locations in Lincolnshire and Country Antrim in Northern Ireland, Padma Yoga finally has it’s own space on the world wide web. Thanks to all at Healthhosts for your technical support and patience with … Continue reading »