About Us

Padma Yoga came in to existence in 2005. Following a sports injury in 2000, founder Claire Thomas, took up yoga to support her recovery. Whilst she did not return to sport until recently, Claire found something in yoga that satisfied not only her desire to be physically challenged but also a depth in the practice that allowed her some time and space away from the challenges of her career. After several years of practice Claire decided to strengthen her commitment to yoga, completing her first Yoga Teacher Training Diploma in Northern Ireland in 2005 before forming Padma Yoga.

The studio itself was a dream hatched with yoga friends in the summer of 2010. Converted in the hands of great local tradesman, and given life as a studio in October of that year, it transformed our practice space. Four years on we’ve moved, our community has grown and we need more room! Our new studio was chosen carefully to keep that special feel, our studio has a whole energy of its own. Born of the many hours of practice under its roof. The positive energy of each of our students contributes to making this a very special space. I hope you will agree!

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