Corporate Classes

Corporate yoga classes are the perfect way to improve team morale. The current economic climate has seen many organisations reducing headcount to meet savings and profit targets. Whilst this makes the business healthy it can put excessive strain on your team. High levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace can lead to frayed tempers, missed deadlines, short term absence and in some cases long term health problems for key team members.

Yoga is a great way to create a little space in the day. A short session of between 45-60 minutes, either before work or during a lunch break can help your team to reduce their stress levels, clear their heads and come back to their workplace revitalised and ready to take on the next big challenge. Classes will be taught at your place of work, all we need is a suitable space. Conference rooms make a great yoga space.

If you would like to run a series of sessions we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Please contact us for more details.