Class Costs

At Padma Yoga we want you to make a connection with yoga. As a new student it can take a little time to realise the benefits. Some of our students leave their first class feeling different, for others it takes time to tune in to the effects of the practice.

Whatever your experience we want to ensure that we can provide the best that yoga has to offer and encourage you to make a commitment to your practice. With this in mind our classes are booked in blocks of weeks with a few options to drop in to individual classes. BOOK NOW

Block Booking

Hatha Yoga  4 weeks  £31
Iyengar Yoga  4 weeks  £31
Satyananda Beginners  4 weeks  £31
Satyananda Improvers  4 weeks  £31
Satyananda Intermediate  4 weeks  £31
Satyananda Yoga & Meditation   4 weeks  £31         
Satyananda Yoga Basics  7 weeks  £55
Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Depression  6 weeks  £48
Pregnancy Yoga  6 weeks  £53
Postnatal Yoga  6 weeks  £55

Drop In Classes

If you can’t commit to a weekly class then drop in classes give you the flexibility to attend when it suits you. All of our classes usually have a couple of designated ‘drop in spaces’. If you want to confirm in advance please contact us and we’ll hold you a space.

Hatha Yoga 1hr 25mins  £9
Iyengar Yoga 1hr 25mins  £9
Satyananda Beginners  1hr 25mins  £9
Satyananda Improvers 1hr 25mins  £9
Satyananda Intermediate 1hr 25mins  £9
Satyananda Yoga & Meditation  1hr 25mins  £9
Restorative Yoga 1hr 30mins   £12 
Pregnancy Yoga 1hr 25mins  £10
Postnatal Yoga (paid at start of course) 1hr 15mins  £10
Family Yoga – family of 2 1hr  £13
Family Yoga – family of 3 1hr  £18
Family Yoga – family of 4 1hr  £22
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra & Meditation 1hr 30mins   by donation

Private Sessions & Classes

1:1 Initial Consultation (incl. 1hr class) 1.5hrs £65 n/a
1:1 1hr £45 per class £40 per class
Home Practice Plan (with 1:1) n/a £20 n/a 
2:1 Initial Consultation (incl. 1hr class)  1.5hrs  £75 n/a 
2:1  1hr  £60 per class  £55 per class 
Small Group (max 8 students) 1hr        £75 per class   £70 per class
Corporate Group (max 8 students) 1hr £75 per class £70 per class

Additional students can be taken in to the Small Group and Corporate classes at a rate of £5 per student. The maximum class size taught outside of our studio will be 18 students.

Please note that the Corporate Rate applies to locations within a 10 mile radius of Spalding, additional cost will be incurred to travel outside of this.

Gift Vouchers

Want to give a gift of yoga? We have beautifully printed gift vouchers available. Gift a short course, a workshop or a monetary value. Printed on high quality recycled card with an envelope they’re a wonderful way to spread the love. Get in touch with us to buy a voucher on or call us on 07443 602108.

Missed classes

We understand that you will miss a class from time to time. Our policy is this..

  • Subject to space being available (in a suitable alternative class of the same duration) then you may make up this class within the same four, five or six week block that you have already booked.
  • Paying drop in students will be allocated space first. As a result it may not be possible to confirm your space until the day.
  • If you do not attend a re-booked session your class is lost.
  • Missed classes cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • Missed classes cannot be carried forward in to a new block of weeks.
  • If you know that you intend to miss a class please ring or text in advance so that we might accommodate a suitable alternative within the same week. The studio phone number is 07443 602108.
  • The option of making up a missed class does not apply to any classes booked for an individual date, for private classes e.g. Saturday yoga classes, 1:1 sessions, workshops, etc.

If you expect to miss a number of weeks due to holidays or other commitments it may be better to switch to a drop in class during that time.