Private 1:1 & Small Groups

If you lead a busy life or you have something specific you want to explore or address then a general class might not be right for you. At Padma Yoga we can tailor a single class or a series of sessions to fit your needs and diary. We offer private 1:1 sessions and small group classes where you can explore yoga in the way that suits you.

1:1 Sessions

Students often want a 1:1 yoga session because they have a specific health problem, are short on time or want the individual attention that is not possible in a general class environment. While we keep our classes small you might prefer to come for 1:1 tuition.

In advance of a 1:1 session you will be asked to provide the same health details as when registering for a general class. You will also be asked to explain what you hope to gain from these sessions. From this your teacher will tailor an initial 1:1 session, assessing during the first session what will be suitable for future sessions. We recommend that students commit to a series of sessions to get the most from a 1:1. To discuss whether a 1:1 will work for you please contact us.

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions are focused around delivering a class where you and a few of your friends want to get together at a time that suits you all. You could have a common interest, health related or otherwise, and feel that a class focused on what you want would be more beneficial to you all. These sessions will usually be taught at our studio or if you have your own space we can come to you. Alternatively if you are looking for a corporate class please take a look at the corporate classes page. To discuss in more detail please contact us.